Our founder, Joe Crenshaw, decided that it was time for he and his family to leave the corporate world. Though he was worried about finances, he knew he needed to find a place where he can evangelize and disciple others. As a means to share the gospel and make a small amount of "side-money", he wanted to try doing a bit of passenger pick-up. Little did he know that this move would help shape the vision of our ministry.

After being able to share the gospel with over 50 people in his first month, he knew God had led him here. The problem is, ride-share drivers can't make enough money to support their families. That's when God gave him the vision for Rideshare Evangelists. 

With your support, we can share the gospel with passengers in every major city in the United States. 



When a passenger gets in the car for a ride-share, it's the perfect opportunity to share the gospel. Every passenger that enters our cars is carrying something difficult that can be overcome by the good news of Jesus Christ. Every passenger hears the gospel and is prayed for. We've searched long and hard for pastors and evangelists that have a deep burden for the lost, as well as the courage and strength to guide every conversation toward the gospel. 



Because our driver salaries are fully supported by our donors, we use 100% of the money earned from the ride-sharing companies to randomly bless our passengers. We don't just share the gospel with our passengers, we actually give to those that are in significant need. Watch our YouTube channel to see the joy on our passenger's faces when we tell them! 

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At Rideshare Evangelists, our goal is both to evangelize and disciple. Our evangelist drivers go through an intense discipleship program to be prepared for ministry on the road. Also, our drivers host discipleship groups with passengers who have shown interest in gospel conversations. Our goal is to make disciples that make disciples, and your support helps make that happen. 



Founder/Driver - Dallas, TX

Joe Crenshaw is the Founder of Rideshare Evangelists and Light Up The City. He is a former pastor and talk-show host, dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those he encounters.

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Driver - Dallas, TX

Jay Crenshaw taught Joe everything he knows. He is a former pastor who can't keep the gospel under wraps for more than 30 seconds. He has a specific burden for Muslims and skeptics. 



Driver - Dallas, TX

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